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22.07.2022 Concrete, the prevailing element for the Riedpark covered market in Lauchringen
06.07.2022 PASCHAL facilitates the construction of a concrete floating platform for the L'île Ô theatre in Lyon
21.06.2022 PASCHAL Maturix impresses in the production of pre-fabricated components
24.05.2022 Yet again, PASCHAL demonstrates total formwork expertise with the very latest of wind power systems
11.05.2022 Consistent formwork concept for West Fire Station
25.04.2022 Modular/GE universal formwork helps provide drinking water
13.04.2022 Railway Megaproject in Sweden
28.03.2022 PASCHAL INDIA is the part of creating landmark building project form the basis for a Construction of Federal Parliament building complex @ Kathmandu for Tundi Construction Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal
17.03.2022 LOGO.3 in the precast reinforced concrete plant of Beton Tille GmbH & Co. KG
23.02.2022 A giant 128,000 sqm hospital, shaped like a 4-leaf shamrock
10.02.2022 A height of 32 metres reached in 10 concreting cycles
20.01.2022 Major new building for mental health rehabilitation constructed with support from PASCHAL
21.12.2021 Modern toboggan run for the ‘St. Moritz of the North’
23.11.2021 When it comes to intricate circular shapes, then PASCHAL is the first choice
26.10.2021 Circular reinforced concrete constructions for biogas plants formed quickly and safely with PASCHAL
18.10.2021 NeoR lightweight formwork expanded to include new accessories
16.09.2021 PASCHAL needed twice for the B34 bypass
09.09.2021 The multifunctional connecting piece of the LOGO range: the LOGO multi clamp
23.08.2021 A simple formwork solution for slender and extremely high reinforced concrete columns
11.08.2021 PASCHAL formwork creates a solid foundation for the "Treetop Walk Alsace"
14.07.2021 Orange formwork prepares the way for green agriculture
24.06.2021 Useful helpers for practical application
25.05.2021 New day care centre at the “Alten Sportzplatz” site in harmonious fair-faced concrete
20.05.2021 Circular reinforced concrete columns as supporting parts for STOA169


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