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Climbing systems

  • Compatible with all Paschal formwork systems
  • Climbing unit with large formwork areas can be moved in one piece.
Climbing systems

climbing system construction site

A versatile system for safe and economical climbing.

Technical Data
Climbing bracket  2,00 m 
Live loads  Working platform: 3,0 kN/m² 
  Suspended scaffold: 1,0 kN/m² 
Working heights  up to 100 m above ground level 
Formwork heights  up to 5,60 m 
Anchoring  Clevis shoe with screw anchor M24 
  Clevis shoe with anchor cone M30  
Accessories  Panel supports and height adjustment units for all PASCHAL formwork systems 
  Tension anchoring for wind loads 

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Product design

General Construction Supervisory Approval (called abZ)

Climbing Cone M30/DW15

Climbing Cone M30/DW15

By obtaining the General Technical Approval for the PASCHAL Climbing Cone M30/DW15 a standardized system to anchor climbing brackets is available for all PASCHAL climbing and platform systems.
Hereby the PASCHAL Climbing system 240, the Climbing system 200, the Climbing platform KBK, Dam bracket and the Lifting platform for shafts can be dimensioned by secured parameters.


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