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Seminars & Training Courses

PASCHAL offers seminars, training courses, advanced training, and factory tours for the following target groups:

• Building contractors: Contractors, site managers, site foremen, planning engineers, skilled workers
• PASCHAL trade partners: Field consultants, sales personnel, application engineers
• Universities, polytechnics, training centres and trade schools: Structural engineering students
• PASCHAL internal training and advancement measures

Below you will find a selection of most requested seminars for construction companies, which use formwork:

• Single-sided forming
• Jacking formworks
• Basic formwork planning and utilisation of formwork planning software
• Reducing formwork time
• Concrete pressures & measuring tolerances in building construction
• Impermeable concrete, white tank
• Exposed concrete

PASCHAL seminars are not held for advertising purposes. The seminars inform about how PASCHAL systems can be deployed most effectively, and also impart expert knowledge in the field of construction engineering far beyond mere formworks technology.

Seminar Venues:
• PASCHAL main facility Steinach
• PASCHAL branch offices and conference hotels all over Germany
• PASCHAL subsidiaries outside Germany
• PASCHAL trade partners
• In-house seminars at client facilities
• Educational institutions, like universities, polytechnics, training centres
• and vocational schools

All PASCHAL systems with practical solution examples are on display at the PASCHAL main facility in Steinach.

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