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Modular Universal Formwork

Perfect for concrete beams, walls and foundations

  • Designed for hand-set applications as well as crane dependant large-size formwork
  • Modular design principle and well-balanced panel selection make gang-forming possible even for complicated layout plans
  • Pre-concreting beams
  • Flat steel frame for guaranteed sturdiness and a long product life cycle
  • Compatible with all PASCHAL systems
  • Keybolt as a universal means of connection for all panels and accessories
  • Large-size panel GE
Modular /GE Universal Formwork

Universal formwork for foundations, walls, supports, concrete beams, shafts, round solutions (polygons), gardening and landscape construction, precast elements.

Even horizontal structures such as concrete beams can be formed without any problems using the Modular Formwork system. Regardless of whether these are clamped in one axis, crossing or fan-shaped, here once again all layouts can be formed using the Modular system without time-consuming job building.

Technical Data
Panel widths  Modular: 100/75/60/50/45/43/40/37/33/30/25/24/20/15/12/10/6/5 cm 
  GE: 200/150 cm 
Panel heights  Modular: 150/125/75/62,5 cm 
  GE: 275/250/150/125 cm 
Frame depth  Modular: 7,5 cm 
  GE: 19,5 cm  
Plywood  15 mm thick, 11-ply birch plywood 
Max. concrete pressure  Modular: 35 kN/m² according DIN 18218 
  GE: 60 kN/m² according DIN 18218 
Tolerances of deflection  Modular: According DIN 18202, table 3, line 6 
  GE: DIN 18202, table 3, line 7 

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Product design

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Site reports

Denning Construction company, Wilferdingen/Germany

TAV, CCC and Arabtec (Abu Dhabi)

Formwork Manual

paschal formwork manual