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Climbing System 240

  • Can be adjusted up to +/- 15 degrees on the geometry of the structure
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Saving of time and costs by transposing of larger formwork units
  • Long service life and functionality by hot-dip galvanizing as surface protection
  • High degree of safety at work by working space in front of and behind the formwork
  • Little transport volume by modular construction
Climbing System 240cm

Climbing Formwork

It supports the efficiency and cost effectiveness of climbing systems in adjusting flexibly to the structure geometry and in permitting larger formwork units.

Technical Data
Bracket depth  2,40 m 
Live loads  Working platform: 4,5 / 3,0 kN/m² 
  Concrete platform: 1,5 kN/m² 
  Suspended scaffold: 1,0 kN/m² 
Inclination  + / - 15° 

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General Construction Supervisory Approval (called abZ)

Climbing Cone M30/DW15

Climbing Cone M30/DW15

By obtaining the General Technical Approval for the PASCHAL Climbing Cone M30/DW15 a standardized system to anchor climbing brackets is available for all PASCHAL climbing and platform systems.
Hereby the PASCHAL Climbing system 240, the Climbing system 200, the Climbing platform KBK, Dam bracket and the Lifting platform for shafts can be dimensioned by secured parameters.


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