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PASCHAL Ident technology assigns a unique electronic number to each of the formwork elements - similar to a human fingerprint. The process guarantees unique and unmistakable identification, and is prerequisite for leasing or any other credit processes. RFID technology is based on three components: The transponder (a computer chip with an antenna and casing, approx. the size of a 5 euro cent coin), the reader (which communicates with the transponder wirelessly via induction), and the software associated with the reader (integrated into the reader). Data associated with the formwork element is transmitted online from the reader to the PC, or directly to the online portal.

Users are able to identify each element and use them in planning. For the first time PASCHAL Ident makes this technology available for formwork projects. It is system integrated, and therefore completely resistant against accidental damage on the construction site, making it far superior to other systems, like barcodes, colour or other types of tagging. Based on this unique identification process, it has now for the first time become possible to finance formworks through leasing. It has never been easier to build and manage a sophisticated formwork park.

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