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Building in the tightest of spaces – NeoR lightweight formwork makes it easy

NeoR lightweight formwork from PASCHAL can also demonstrate its advantages in confined spaces, as is the case here on a construction site in Bremen’s city centre.

In order to create more living space in Bremen's city centre, an apartment building with 15 residential units is currently being built on an empty lot in Blumenstraße.
The executing construction company Gerdes + Landwehr Bau GmbH relies on formwork from PASCHAL for producing the in-situ concrete components. In addition, the formwork expert from Steinach, together with its trading partner Heinrich Grotemeier GmbH & Co. KG, provides support with a tailor-made package of services, such as efficient formwork planning, logistics for the rented material and competent customer support.

View on the construction site
NeoR lightweight formwork from PASCHAL makes it no problem to work on confined construction sites.

Buildings on all sides complicate the construction work

One of the biggest challenges of the construction project is the extremely limited space on the construction site.
A lightweight, easy-to-handle and space-saving formwork system was therefore required to produce the in-situ concrete parts. The construction company chose NeoR lightweight formwork from PASCHAL, which fully meets the requirements. The formwork system had already proven itself in a previous construction project by Gerdes + Landwehr Bau GmbH.

Formwork surface with NeoR lightweight formwork
The required room heights of just under 3 meters could be achieved without extending any segments using NeoR large-size panels, or by extending just one segment and maintaining a segment height of 150 cm.

Both the delivery of the material and the moving of the formwork panels on the construction site were made considerably easier by the use of lightweight formwork. In addition to its low weight, NeoR also offers the advantage of a very small loading and transport volume per panel thanks to its low overall height of 7.5 cm. Accessories (such as the keybolt) also require little space. Thanks to these ideal product dimensions, up to six large-size panels can even be transported with a single flatbed truck.

NeoR lightweight formwork was used for the walls on the ground floor, which serve as wall-like beams. NeoR 180 x 300 cm large-size panels are ideally suited for the wall heights of 287 cm that are to be formed. They are an excellent choice because room heights of up to 3 m can be formed with the large-size panels without extending any segments, or by extending only one segment and maintaining a segment height of 150 cm. NeoR lightweight formwork makes it economical to build up even large areas.
On the Bremen construction site as well, all wall slabs were able to be formed quickly, cleanly and easily.

Wall formed with NeoR lightweight formwork
The large-size wall slabs were formed quickly, cleanly and easily.

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