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LOGO.3 Dismantling inside corner post

Dismantling – make it easy



  • optimized dismantling procedure
  • complete inner formwork can be moved as a whole unit
  • enormous gain of time
LOGO.3 Dismantling inside corner post

formwork for lift shafts

The movable dismantling inside corner post greatly reduces time required to form and dismantle the inner formwork for lift shafts, stairway cores and structures with tight spaces.

There is a hexagonal nut at the upper side of the inside corner post which will be turned to dismantle (clockwise) for dismantling and anticlockwise for pushing in right position before concreting. A spanner size 36 or a tie rod DW15 put in the hole of the hexagonal nut will be sufficient for turning.

Technical Data
Panel widths  25 cm 
Panel heights  340/305/270/240/135/90 cm 

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