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Concrete Formwork for slabs

The right offer for every demand

Whether simple or complex ceiling surfaces - PASCHAL offers the right concrete formwork system for the production of slabs in residential and industrial construction for every application.

Slab formwork PASCHAL Deck



Optimised, versatile formwork PASCHAL Deck for slabs

The flexible slab concrete formwork PASCHAL Deck is ideally suited for slabs in residential and industrial construction due to the optimal adaptation to any floor plan, the possibility of using any slab thicknesses and the lightweight individual parts. PASCHAL Deck consists of three main components: Slab props, H20 girders and plywood panels.

e-deck - the lightweight slab formwork

With its robust but lightweight steel frame, the e-deck concrete formwork can be used on construction sites where no crane is available and where an aluminium system cannot be used. All of our e-deck formwork is compatible with our Modular/GE universal formwork. This allows problem-free and direct connections and transitions between wall and slab or beams.

Slab formwork used at construction site

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