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Concrete mould products

Complete formwork solutions for sophisticated concrete building projects

It is PASCHAL's aim to provide their customers with technically sound and fully developed products at any time, on the basis of the latest technological standards. Consequent orientation towards current and future market trends ensures that concrete moulds can be adapted perfectly to construction requirements. Today our concrete mould products contribute to accentuate internationally the brand PASCHAL as sign of quality.

Universal solutions for formwork projects

The success is proven: Core products in PASCHAL's range prove themselves every day in hundreds of sophisticated applications. Complete solutions eliminate the need for additional on-site modification work, because the solution has been customized to meet the client's specifications down to the tiniest planning and formwork detail. This results in saving time and expenses for materials.


Software solutions for planning dependability and cost efficiency

State-of-the-art software solutions are used for optimized shuttering plans ranging from site-planning to the organization of the inventory. PASCHAL is setting future standards with their successful "Ident" system: This is a software-based system for the control of panels of the Modular Universal formwork und LOGO.3 wall formwork systems that are routinely equipped with transponders.

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