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Formwork for columns made of concrete

Quick and accurate column construction

PASCHAL offers various system solutions for forming square and rectangular concrete columns:

Modular column formwork adjustable
 Adjustable Modular column formwork

Modular column formwork
 Modular column formwork

LOGO column formwork
 LOGO column formwork


Adjustable Modular column formwork from PASCHAL

The adjustable Modular column formwork by PASCHAL is a steel frame formwork whose elements are assembled according to the so-called windmill principle. With four elements each square and rectangular column the cross-sections can be formed in the adjustment range of 20 cm to 50 cm in increments of 5 cm.

Concrete columns made with system panels

The multi-panels from the wall formwork systems Modular/GE universal formwork and LOGO.3 can also be used to form concrete columns.

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Formwork Manual

paschal formwork manual