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TTK Circular Trapezoidal Girder Formwork with integrated clamp connection

PASCHAL Innovations

TTK speeds up formwork operations

TTK with clamp technology
The TTK with clamp technology is the third circular girder formwork system of  PASCHAL. The system can be opened or closed by a hard  hammer blow.

One of the most advanced and most successful wall formworks worldwide is the TTR TRAPEZOIDAL GIRDER FORMWORK of PASCHAL.
Previously, the individual formwork elements were held together by means of keybolts. They exclude any kind of offsets at the joint and guarantee the necessary tightness of the formwork.

Owing to the request of many customers, the girder formwork with plywood has been designed with a clamp connection. To do this, the edge profiles of the segment frames were modified as well as a new clamp was developed. The system is called the TTK CIRCULAR TRAPEZOIDAL  GIRDER FORMWORK with clamp connection. It holds just as securely as the bolt screwings.
It is opened and closed quite easily by  a hammer blow.

The clamp connection also offers the following advantages:

  • The clamps reduce forming times.
  • Fewer clamps need to be put in place. This also reduces formwork times.
  • Integrated clamp connection means that the clamps can be fixed in the recess at the formwork and thus be moved. This also speeds up formwork operations.
  • It is now possible to infinitely vary the height offsets between the individual segments. By doing this, the formwork can be better adapted to a slanted or uneven bottom.

First tests on site went well; the TTK has also proven itself in practice.
PASCHAL offers the TTK only for sale.

TTK Circular Trapezoidal Girder Formwork with clamp connection
The TTK can be erected just as easily, accurately and safely but significantly faster than the TTR.

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