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High-quality concrete structures for the VIT College railway underpass formed with PASCHAL

An underpass underneath a railway line is currently being built on the approximately 150 hectare large campus site of VIT College in Vellore (India). PASCHAL Form Work (India) Pvt. Ltd. is supplying the formwork for all the cast-in-situ parts for this project and thus enabling the construction work to proceed quickly and easily.

Access to the internal campus of VIT College in Vellore (India) is hindered by a railway line that runs from the Katpadi junction through the site of VIT College. The students and employees therefore have the problem of how to cross the railway tracks.
In order to solve this problem, the VIT campus decided to construct a 240 metre long underpass underneath the railway line, in order to avoid time losses and inconvenience and to enable simple access to the campus and the buildings. The order to construct the railway underpass was awarded to S. Rajagopal & Co which has 50 years of experience in the construction field.

The railway underpass (Road Under Bridge, RUB-2) consists of an underground collecting tank and a wall with retaining walls which is intended to prevent slippage of the surrounding earth masses. The dimensions of the retaining walls vary at regular distances along the straight roller compacted concrete wall which has a wall height of 8.225 metres in the middle. This slopes down to 0 metres at the ends of the walls - with a length of approximately 116 metres to the south side and 115 metres to the north side.

Construction site with Modular universal formwork from PASCHAL
Retaining walls at a distance of around 2 metres were constructed to support the surrounding earth - formed here with Modular universal formwork from PASCHAL.

Formwork from PASCHAL for efficient construction progress

Due to its versatility and the extensive range of panels, the decision was made to use the Modular universal formwork from PASCHAL for the formwork of the underground collecting tank, the wall and the retaining walls. A total of around 161.7 m² of formwork material was provided by PASCHAL Form Work (India) Pvt. Ltd. to produce a formwork area of a total of 15,300 m².

One characteristic of this project is that the retaining walls have different spacings. With the versatile Modular universal formwork, PASCHAL was able to provide the optimal formwork solution for the wall and the retaining walls in order to be able to cover all of the different wall spacings with the specified quantity of formwork material.
PASCHAL provided a formwork with a combination of small formwork panels, from which the differing spacings of the retaining walls could be assembled quickly and without difficulty.

Thanks to perfect formwork planning in the schedule

In addition, the exact planning on the part of PASCHAL guaranteed that the available material could be used for all the other walls without disrupting the schedule.

formwork plan
The formwork for the sloping walls, as presented here in the formwork plan, can be carried out without dificulty using the Modular universal formwork.

Modular formwork from PASCHAL - the tried and tested universal formwork

Modular universal formwork demonstrates its versatility, adaptability and flexibility - whether for foundations, walls, columns or beams - time and time again. Another plus point of the PASCHAL Modular formwork lies in its durability and robustness. The material can be re-used with no problems even after being used as formwork many times.

Vijay Murgan, Managing Director of S. Rajagopal & Co., was also enthusiastic about the Modular universal formwork: "When looking at the Modular universal formwork from PASCHAL at the Excon trade fair, I quickly noticed that the products from PASCHAL were different from other products. The products were able to fulfil all of my requirements. Very fast assembly, simple connection technologies and the combination of different panels ensured a greater amount of versatility in the application and fitting accuracy for all floor plans."

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