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A pumping station for flood protection

The reinforced concrete structures of the pumping station in the town of Sömmerda, Thuringia, are currently being created with the LOGO.3 universal wall formwork system and the GASS aluminium shoring system from PASCHAL.

The pumping station is being built by the Free State of Thuringia, with site management in the hands of Thuringia's State Office for Environment, Mining and Nature Conservation. When it is finished, the structure will be maintained by Sömmerda's municipal waste water company.
Costs for the pumping station will run to around 5.5. million euros, and, according to plans, it should be ready by the end of 2021.

LOGO.3 wall formwork system for vertical reinforced concrete structures

Under commission of the Free State of Thuringia, Umwelttechnik & Wasserbau GmbH from the town of Kahla is carrying out the building work on the pumping station, and has rented the LOGO.3 universal wall formwork system from PASCHAL to form the wall structures.

The massive concrete components are made from waterproof concrete, and have impressive dimensions, so that if needed they will be able to permanently withstand any deluge. The concrete wall thicknesses lie between 25 cm and 80 cm, and the heights of the formwork start at 1.35 m and climb to 7.65 m. The formwork was planned by PASCHAL using the formwork software, PASCHAL-Plan Pro. This was able to plan-in the penetrations of the pipe inlets, for example, as well as the sloping wall edges.

The planning also took into account the range of panels, so that shuttering on the building site would be swift and trouble-free. The practice-oriented range of elements means that only very few plastic fillers are necessary. The formwork for the pumping station can therefore be almost entirely executed with just one formwork system, the LOGO.3.
Through this, the formwork ends at exactly the same height as the concrete components, so that the upper edge of the wall can be finished professionally. This is just one of the advantages for the building company. Formwork inlets are installed on-site by the carpentry work of the skilled tradesmen from U&W.

Vertical reinforced concrete structures of the pumping station Sömmerda
The vertical reinforced concrete structures are all formed with the LOGO.3 universal wall formwork system.

GASS helps with the slab concrete

Umwelttechnik & Wasserbau GmbH from Kahla is using GASS - the aluminium shoring system - to carry the loads during concreting. The slab plates have a cross section of 25 cm and the height of the support at the basement level is 7.30 m and 5.50 m on the ground floor. The aluminium shoring system from PASCHAL is also universally suited as a shoring system for slab tables, for the construction of load towers, and as an individual leg. Only one leg is necessary up to a height of 6.50 m. The 8 variable connection options on the legs demonstrate the versatility of the solution, and, in combination with the quick wedge connection, reduce the assembly times.

Service made by PASCHAL

Formwork and shoring plans ensure an ideal support service for the customer and site. Right from the start in March 2020, construction has gone smoothly and Umwelttechnik & Wasserbau GmbH are on schedule.

Formwork planning of pumping station
During PASCHAL's planning using the PASCHAL-Plan Pro formwork software, the technical installations were also taken into account.

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