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Innovative NeoR lightweight formwork as a further development of the Modular universal formwork

With the new NeoR formwork system, PASCHAL offers a modern lightweight formwork system that offers impressive versatility and a clever design.

In order to meet the demands of customers and the current requirements in the construction industry, PASCHAL is introducing a new lightweight formwork to the market in October 2020.
The NeoR combines the benefits of the proven Modular universal formwork and the LOGO.3 wall formwork system, while at the same time offering all the system properties of modern lightweight formwork.

NeoR formwork panel
In addition to the proven function profiles for attaching accessories, the NeoR has practical internal oblong holes that serve as handles for easy moving of the panels.

Less weight, better performance

PASCHAL also relies on the robust and durable flat steel frame for its NeoR lightweight formwork. However, an optimised frame construction and the use of 12 mm thick, multi-layered and exceptionally strong birch plywood sheets allow a considerable weight reduction of around 25% compared to the Modular/GE universal formwork system.
The formwork panels of the NeoR lightweight formwork have a maximum weight of just 40 kg on the element 90 x 150 cm. It can easily be assembled and moved in twos and smaller panels solely on site by hand without a crane or other transport aids. Therefore additional oblong holes in the inner frame are provided as handles for use as manual formwork.
At the same time, the NeoR lightweight formwork boasts significantly higher fresh concrete pressure absorption of 50kN/m².

A further advantage of the new formwork system is the low overall height of only 7.5 cm, which ensures particularly low storage and transport volumes.

Well-designed panel assortment enables a wide range of applications

Like the Modular universal formwork, NeoR can be used universally and is therefore ideally suited for the construction of foundations, beams and walls.
The optimum panel assortment ranges from formwork panel widths of 15 cm to 90 cm in 15 cm increments, which will be available in both 90 cm and 150 cm heights. As a result, a floor height of up to 3 metres can be built with just one extension of panels. With NeoR, even large areas can be moved quickly and economically without any problems – this is where the large-size panel with 180 x 300 cm comes in useful. The range is supplemented by 5 and 6 cm filler posts for width adjustments and matching plastic filler pieces.

NeoR formwork panel 90 x 150 cmThe NeoR 90 x 150 cm base panel with four inner tie point openings in each case offers a wide range of applications.

Increased flexibility and speed

The constant spacing of the new oblong holes of 15 cm in the panel frame enables all panels to be combined vertically and / or horizontally. A height offset of up to 2 cm at the joint is also possible on uneven installation areas.
The 90 x 150 cm element has additional inside tie points and if used horizontally as foundation formwork for example, the inner tie point below can be used.

Due to the small number of tie points, the PASCHAL NeoR lightweight formwork saves time and labour costs. With only three tie points at a concreting height of 3 metres, the lightweight formwork can be used particularly quickly and economically. When tied (with spacer straps) with the large-size panel at 3 metres, only two tie points are required.

Functional and resilient thanks to proven PASCHAL system properties

All accessories and connecting pieces from the Modular universal formwork can also be used for the NeoR.
The keybolt known from the Modular/GE universal formwork is used as a light, friction-locked and, moreover, cost-effective connecting piece.

Since the NeoR lightweight formwork is fitted with hat cross profiles similar to those of the LOGO.3 wall formwork system, individual accessories from the LOGO range, such as suspending pieces for props or the multi-waler, are also compatible with NeoR.
This means that hardly any new accessories are required and existing parts can be used.

Another advantage in terms of flexibility is that the new lightweight formwork can be simply combined with all other PASCHAL formwork systems.

NeoR in use at a test site
Successfully mastered: the NeoR lightweight formwork in action at a test site.

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