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One lateral protection system, many applications: Secuset from PASCHAL

With the Secuset lateral protection system, PASCHAL is offering a reliable and universal solution for occupational safety in workplaces – for formwork, but also for many other trades associated with building shells or further completion works.

Occupational safety on construction sites is a top priority for PASCHAL. This is why the formwork expert has expanded its portfolio to include the Secuset temporary lateral protection system.
The central component of the system is a lateral railing post, which can be used in conjunction with a variety of connecting pieces for almost unlimited applications.

Comprehensive safety in accordance with DIN EN 13374

When combined with mounted boards or fences, the lateral railing post guarantees the required level of occupational safety with regards to lateral protection, and complies with the latest safety standard DIN EN 13374.

In addition, all the components of the fall protection system are hot-dip galvanized and meet the highest quality standards to ensure a very long service life.

Different fields of application of Secuset
Save on investment and storage costs thanks to the flexible application of the lateral protection system.

Quick and easy installation

Due to its logical, self-explanatory structure, the lateral protection is quick and safe to assemble and ready for immediate use.

Thanks to the pull-out-resistant click mechanism, the lateral railing post is automatically secured when inserted into the support, thus ensuring that the post is safe and easy to assemble and dismantle. To remove the post, simply press the safety bolts.
To set up the lateral protection, hook the lateral protection fences into the posts and fix in place with a support. The 260-cm-long close-meshed lateral protection fences weigh less than 20 kg, thus ensuring effortless handling. The angle brackets of the posts also have holes for nails or screws so that wooden boards can also be inserted as an alternative to lateral protection fences.

Safe work on slab edges

When combined with the fastening plate, the lateral protection system offers comprehensive fall protection on all level surfaces, such as concrete slab edges.

The lateral clamping piece is used for lateral protection on slab formwork, slab front sides or balustrades. With an impressively wide adjustment range of up to 60 cm, the clamping piece can be used in many ways, and can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Optimised lateral protection for PASCHAL wall formwork systems

The 230 x 80 cm lateral protection fence with wooden toe board can be used at the upper formwork edge to secure the workplace when filling and compacting concrete. On the opposite side, further lateral protection provides the necessary fall protection.

Supports are available for the NeoR, Modular/GE and LOGO series of PASCHAL formwork systems to accommodate lateral protection posts with boards or fences. The 15° inclination ensures greater space for concreting work.

To create space for the mounting of crane lifting clamps for moving, the toe board is inserted securely in the central angle bracket of the support for transportation purposes. This means it is available for use in its initial position directly after the relocation process to prevent persons and objects from slipping or falling.

Secuset mounted on NeoR formwork
Secuset complies with the latest safety standard, DIN EN 13374, thus making a significant contribution to smooth and safe construction workflows.

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