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Concrete cylinder for gastronomic silo realised with formwork and climbing technology from PASCHAL

A reinforced concrete cylinder measuring around 30 m in height created with a combination of TTR circular Trapezoidal girder formwork and the climbing installation 200 from PASCHAL in 12 concreting cycles.

In Einsiedeln, the neighbouring town to PASCHAL's Swiss branch, Föllmi AG, commissioned by Leuthold Mechanik AG, is currently converting the company site to a gastronomic silo with a panorama platform.
Following the demolition of an old silo, a reinforced concrete tower with an overlying steel and glass structure is being developed as a gastronomic silo on an unused area of the site.
According to the plans from a local architects' office, the end result will be a five-floor, 30-m-high cylindrical reinforced concrete core. The fifth floor is designed as filigree, far projecting steel structure that will be placed on and around the circular reinforced concrete shell.
The futuristic structure made of 145 tonnes of steel and 14.5 tonnes of glass will allow guests at the panorama restaurant to enjoy a 360° view. According to the building schedule, the asymmetrically projecting structure will be lifted onto the concrete tower in spring 2020.
All the loads and applied cantilever moments will then be supported by the cylindrical reinforced concrete core. In order to realise the curved reinforced concrete design, which has to satisfy particular structural engineering and design requirements, the construction firm Föllmi AG turned to PASCHAL in Wangen, Switzerland.

Construction of the reinforced concrete cylinder with PASCHAL formwork
The round concrete shell made of a combination of TTR - circular Trapezoidal girder formwork and the climbing installation 200 will be completed in 12 concreting cycles by spring 2020.

Detailed planning and work preparation for rapid construction progress

When planning the formwork, the following features had to be taken into account for the cylindrical reinforced concrete structure: Each of the 12 concreting cycles had to be realised as closed cylinder sections without vertical working and concrete joints. In the case of windows, doors and anchorings, the fillers and box-outs to be produced on site also had to be considered.
The fillers partially spread across the concreting sections and also partially over the complete concreting cycle height. This had to be kept in mind.
In addition, the inner radius of R = 3.40 m was identical for all 12 concreting sections. The outer radius changed, however, from the fourth to the sixth concreting section from 3.70 m to 4.00 m for the circular wall segment above the existing hall.
With sections 7 to 12 the inner radius remained 3.40 m and the outer radius was 4.00 m, resulting in a uniform concrete ring thickness of 0.60 m.

Formwork planning

Concreting cycles
The 12 concreting cycles were divided into height sections of: 2.56, 2.77, 2.78, 2.79, 2.80, 2.82, 2.282, 3 x 2.83, 1.25, and 0.645 m. Föllmi AG could not have been more satisfied with the service provided by PASCHAL and their formwork and climbing systems.

Integration of the existing hall

While concreting sections 1 to 3, the formwork planners in Steinach, PASCHAL's headquarters, planned the integration of the existing hall and the tower access point.
To achieve the ideal transition from new to old, 8 Modular formwork panels were combined with the TTR segments.
As a useful additional service, the rented TTR circular Trapezoidal girder formwork segments covered with new plywood were delivered pre-rounded.
Small TTR circular Trapezoidal girder formwork segments were used in order to extend the outer radius from 3.70 m to 4.00 m with just minimal installation effort. These segments were expanded in part for concreting sections 4 to 6 and for sections 7 to 12 with already pre-rounded additional TTR segments and plastic filler pieces.
As of the very first concreting section, PASCHAL also planned the climbing system from the climbing installation 200 jas a closed outer circle. Secure anchoring was ensured by using the anchor cone from the PASCHAL system range.

The climbing installations 200 used in Einsiedeln were made up of climbing brackets, adjustable props to support the formwork, boards and railing posts to protect those at work.

TTR trapezoidal girder formwork in use

TTR circular Trapezoidal girder formwork segmentsThe precisely pre-rounded TTR circular Trapezoidal girder formwork units make life easier for the construction company Föllmi AG and also ensure that the building timetable is met.

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