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Community Flaxlanden constructs sports halls with a difference

Circular formwork with 1.085 meter radius

TTR is forming systematically in the smallest of spaces

Modern communal buildings should be cost-efficient but never look cheap! Architects ensure this by creating a standard building but add distinguishable features to it.
The community Flaxlanden had a new sports hall built at the edge of the town. The entrance hall has a special design.

Flaxlanden (Alsace, France)

Close to the border triangle of France/Switzerland/Germany, you can find the lovely community of Flaxlanden. It is located in the commuter belt of Mulhouse/Basel and is prospering. The community commissioned the Mader Enterprise Générale de Bâtiment Z.I. (Guebwiller) to construct a sports and multi-purpose hall.

Complex and complicated?

The 10.17 meter high walls are 20 cm thick and can be simply constructed. The entrance area, however, is set back a little, whilst the walls on the left and right do not recess back in at a right angle but gently with a quarter curve. This component looks, with its 2.57 meter length and 1.51 meter width in profile, like the letter P, however, with a quarter curve rather than a semi-circle. The inner radius is exactly 1.085 meters.
The search was on for a formwork solution, and since the same element was present in two areas it was supposed to be a solution that could be implemented and reused. Furthermore, the solution should be cost-efficient despite it being centred on a small space. The small space also dictated the limitations of supports - and the concrete height of 10.17 meter also limited the stability of the formwork system.

Systematic, fast and cheap!

LOGO.3 combined with circular formwork TTRThe PASCHAL Trapezoidal girder circular formwork (TTR) was used. It is compatible with the LOGO.3 wall formwork so that complicated forms can be assembled relatively easily. Since both systems can be adjusted to 1.0 centimetre length or circumference.
A formwork height of 10.50 meters was selected so only the structure would be raised since the formwork arrived pre-assembled on the construction site.
The formwork is hence constructed in 10.50 meter high narrow strips. These can be moved with a crane, intermediately cleaned and then re-assembled on the opposite side, so that a mirror-image part can be constructed. The exactly set curve of the Trapezoidal girder formwork remains totally stable, does not warp, and can therefore be re-used immediately.

The apparently complex formwork solutions can be constructed simply, fast, cost-efficiently and easily. The construction site has since been successfully completed to the utmost satisfaction of client and contractor.    

Circular Formwork TTR
Quarter curves: Even moving the formwork from one part of the site to the other worked without any problems. Consumable materials, such as non-reusable formwork plywood or on-site fillers, were therefore not necessary.

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