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New day care centre at the “Alten Sportzplatz” site in harmonious fair-faced concrete

In light of the growing demand and the cramped conditions in the current kindergarten, a new day care centre with six groups is to be built in Biberach in Southern Germany on the old sports ground which is know locally as the “Alten Sportzplatz”. PASCHAL is supplying the formwork for the shell construction featuring demanding fair-faced concrete.

Biberach (Baden), Germany, is one of the few communities in the Ortenau district with a growing population, as a result the existing day care centres of the parish and the community of Biberach are unable to meet the future demand for childcare places.
In order to solve this problem, the number of child-care places is being increased by rebuilding the St. Barbara day care centre at the "Am Sportplatz" site and expanding it from two to six groups.

Creation of a multi-generational site

The two-storey new building with garden and parking spaces will be built on an area of around 2,500 square metres. The garden is located behind the building towards the railway embankment. Each storey will provide space for three groups. The concept also includes cooperation with the neighbouring senior citizens' housing complex to create a multi-generational area.

Construction of the walls of the new day care centre
The walls of the new day care centre are to be created with fair-faced concrete surfaces of Class SB3 and texture T3.

Perfect concrete surfaces with LOGO.3 wall formwork from PASCHAL

As a special highlight, the cube-shaped building has been designed to feature fair-faced concrete surfaces of Class SB3, which, in turn, places high demands on planning and implementation.
With this in mind, the contractor, Ritter-Bau GmbH from Schutterwald, is relying on formwork and formwork planning from PASCHAL. After all, as a regular customer of the formwork specialist, Ritter-Bau GmbH is well aware of the high quality of the products and services.

Some 270 m² of the proven LOGO.3 wall formwork with a formwork height of 340 cm was used to form the concrete components. With this solution, outstanding fair-faced concrete results are guaranteed even with the standard version. To ensure the best possible results in terms of surface finish, for the most part new panels measuring 340 x 270 cm were used for the formwork.

With a formwork area of 9.18 m², the LOGO.3 base panel measuring 340 x 270 cm is predestined for the fast forming of large surfaces. At the same time, the low number of tie points and joints combined with the extremely narrow frame impression enable a very high concrete quality.
The well-balanced range of panels ensures optimum utilisation of the formwork.

LOGO.3 wall formwork
The LOGO.3 wall formwork from PASCHAL impresses with its low number of tie points (0.62 ties per m²) making it ideal for demanding fair-faced concrete surfaces..

Intelligent formwork planning

In addition to perfectly functioning formwork materials, the prerequisite for creating optimal exposed concrete surfaces is, first and foremost well-thought-out formwork planning.
All formwork and section plans as well as material lists were created in the PASCHAL application engineering department using AutoCAD to allow the existing LOGO.3 formwork elements to be planned as harmoniously and uniformly as possible.
To this end, the drafting of wall views proved expedient to show the exposed concrete wall with joints and tie points once the formwork has been stripped off. In order to create the most extensive and uniform fair-faced concrete surfaces possible, the design of the construction joints also had to be taken into account. For this, the concreting sections were determined in advance in the planning and finalised in coordination with the architect.

Final stages of shell construction work

Work on the shell is set to be complete by April 2021. Following that, work will begin on the finishing and building services for the interior of the two-storey day care centre.
It is expected that the new day care centre at the "Alter Sportplatz" site will be completed by the end of 2021 at the earliest.

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