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Solid foundations for the energy transition

Foundations for 45 pylons in section D in terrain that was in parts almost impassable were formed with impressive accuracy using formwork systems from PASCHAL.

As the energy transition will only be possible with the help of new power lines and additional routes, the power network from North to South is being enhanced in the centre of Germany. The approximately 230 kilometre long connection runs from the Wahle substation, between Peine and Braunschweig to the Mecklar substation near the town of Bad Hersfeld in Hessen.
On this route, the power line will be integrated into the new Lamspringe substation and the expanded substation in Hardegsen.
The power line will thus supply the regions located along the route and will strengthen the entire German extra-high voltage grid. Another part of the overall project is the connection of the Erzhausen pumped storage power plant, a strategically important component for secure energy supply.
Formwork for four stepped single foundations
Four stepped single foundations for an extra-high voltage pylon, formwork created using the LOGO.3 wall formwork.

The project has been divided into four sections for straightforward planning and construction.

Section A: Wahle substation to Lamspringe substation
Section B: Lamspringe substation to Hardegsen substation.
Section C: Hardegsen substation to the state border between Lower Saxony and Hessen (near Kassel)
Section D: From the state border between Lower Saxony and Hessen to the Mecklar substation

Route of the extra-high voltage power lineThe approximately 230 kilometre long extra-high voltage power lines will increase the transmission capacity for wind energy along the North-South axis and will, in the future, ensure the supply security and network stability in Lower Saxony and North Hessen.

Source: TenneT TSO GmbH

The two companies LTB Leitungsbau GmbH and GVS-Energie GmbH carried out the construction work required on behalf of TenneT TSO GmbH.
In order to be able to construct the 45 foundations in terrain that is in areas rough and topographically demanding on schedule, with dimensional accuracy and with no tower crane, the formwork specialist PASCHAL was commissioned to provide rental formwork and custom formwork.

As the foundations for each pylon differ, the wall formwork LOGO.3 was chosen for the rectangular structural shapes as rental formwork, and the foundation columns are being created using specially manufactured customised circular formwork for DN 110 and 150 cm. PASCHAL manufactured suitable platform brackets with curved boards for the customised circular formwork to ensure safe working platforms at greater heights.

Pylon foundations
The pylon foundations frequently consist of a rectangular base plate, square foundation kickers and circular columns that remain visible. The LOGO.3 wall formwork is used for the rectangular concrete structures and, the specially manufactured DN 110 cm and 150 cm custom circular formworks are used in combination with this LOGO.3 system for the circular structures.

The dimensions of the individual stepped foundations of the area foundations are between 4.60 x 4.60 m and 7.00 x 7.00 m with thicknesses between 0.70 m and 0.90 m.
The general slab foundations for these structures have square dimensions of 10.20 x 10.20 m to 12.20 x 12.20 m.

The two contracting companies are working with PASCHAL systems for the first time. At LTB Leitungsbau GmbH, Site Manager Rene Wolf is responsible for the construction measures, and at GVS-Energie GmbH, the two Managing Directors Andreas Grätz and Steffen Jurisch are in charge. All three of them are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the formwork, by the adherence to delivery dates, for example for the production of the customised formwork, and also by the overall level of service that PASCHAL provides.

Construction drawing of special column formworkPASCHAL manufactured platform brackets and curved boards for the customised circular formwork to ensure safe working platforms at greater heights.

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