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Circular column formwork by PASCHAL assists with the conversion of the Sendlinger Tor underground station

Ingenious special formwork construction with small dimensions for a large building site

Since 2017, Stadtwerke München (SWM) has been engaged in extensive building work in order to make the Sendlinger Tor underground station, some of which was built more than 45 years ago, fit for the future.
To this end, there are also plans to convert the business premises in the transverse block of the central area. The existing wall panel that divides these business premises from the public area and which is located inside those business premises, is being replaced by a row of circular columns, creating another, narrower passage between the two platforms, also making it easier to access the stairwells.
Because these concrete supports are clamped 'from top to bottom' and since the concrete is not poured into the formwork from above in the usual manner, a column form is needed that can be filled using a pressure hose.
Since this calls for a special formwork component, Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH, the contractor on this job, contacted PASCHAL the formwork specialist.
For this, the formwork specialist devised, designed and manufactured a special adapter component for this circular column formwork.

Special construction for circular column formwork made by PASCHALThe steel formwork elements, including the lower special section, are assembled precisely to the required clearance height of 3.66 m. The compressed air connection can be seen on the special component. After the concrete column has set, demolition work continues on the existing concrete structures to the left and right of the prop.

An ingenious special design of formwork with small dimensions for a large building site

This component, measuring 66 cm in height, was designed for the required prop diameter of DN 70 cm to be compatible with the standard elements of circular column formwork. The benefit of that for this PASCHAL customer was that the other formwork and equipment materials for this application can be rented.
Like the circular column formwork, this special part consists of two half-sections that can be bolted together on site. To enable the concrete to be pumped in from the side, a hose adapter is integrated that is sealed with a slide valve once the entire column formwork has been filled to a total height of 3.66 m. To ensure that the column achieves a perfectly circular shape, the integrated compressor presses the concrete out of the 7 cm length of round hose adapter into the column formwork until it starts to emerge at the overflow point on the top of the column.
This ensures that the circular column finishes off as a perfectly rounded shape and that there is no cavity inside the column during the concreting process.
The concrete is compressed by a formwork agitator that is attached to the outside of the circular column formwork and operated by compressed air.

Construction drawing of special column formwork from PASCHAL

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