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Circular reinforced concrete columns as supporting parts for STOA169

The art of creating precise yet aesthetic circular columns with circular column formwork from PASCHAL.

Circular reinforced concrete columns are the supporting parts of the artist columned hall

The open-air museum on the bank of the River Ammer extends over an area of 1,600 m². The roof panels, made from ready-mixed concrete, rest upon columns with a reinforced concrete core.
While the original intention had been to have 169 columns, the updated design calls for 121 and these should be completed in May 2021.
The contracting company, Hönninger Betonfertigteil GmbH, based in Kirchseeon in Southern Germany, used circular column formwork from PASCHAL for the execution.

Celebrities from every continent

According to official announcements by the STOA169 FOUNDATION, the "Stoa artists", who have designed or are yet to design "their" own column, include a few celebrities: from the sixtons steel object created by famous Irish artist Sean Scully to the oak trunk on which Daniel Man has immortalised 20 fellow street artists. The spiral floating towards the sky produced by Sigrún Ólafsdóttir from Iceland creates a stark contrast to the heaviness of the oil barrels chosen by Nigerian artist Sokari Douglas Camp to illustrate mankind's use of fossil fuels. We're also told that Scully is ranked no. 78 and Wurm no. 12 on a list of world famous artists produced every year by Artfacts and a business magazine.

Artist columns of STOA169The "artist columns" have one thing in common: they were shaped with the steel formwork system for circular columns made by PASCHAL.
Photo: E. Hönninger Bauunternehmung

Solid unity at the core of all the individuality

The unique "artist columns" all have one thing in common: they were shaped with the steel formwork for circular columns produced by PASCHAL.
One of the main features of this formwork system is the very tight panel joints. These are made possible thanks to the offset steel facing joints that are used to achieve a completely smooth reinforced concrete surface.
PASCHAL circular column formwork is composed of two identical half-shells, tightly connected by big keybolts with friction locking and designed for high tensile loads.
As for the column height in the artist columned hall, set at 3.90 m, the column formwork was put together from panels of differing heights. All the panel heights can be variably assembled, from 75 cm to 125, 150, 275 and even 300 cm. The inside diameter ranges from 25 cm to 100 cm.

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