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Overview about the company PASCHAL

How is PASCHAL different from other formwork suppliers?

On the one hand, we offer comprehensive solutions, including the minutest planning and formwork details. Those little ‘gap fillers’ (additional formwork) up to 20cm in length, which generally do not appear in any tender document, but are nevertheless every day stop-gaps on many building sites, are never needed when PASCHAL is on-site. We use system integrated compensation elements instead, to close any gaps quickly and cost-effectively. The time and material saved in this manner, contributes significantly towards optimised forming times, and therefore the success of your constructions. The extraordinary lifetime of PASCHAL formwork bear testament to their extraordinary product quality. We know of some formwork elements that have been deployed a couple of thousand times, and are still going strong.

Competence on-site: PASCHAL formwork consultants and trading partners

Our services begin directly on-site: Your first points of contact will be one of our highly competent PASCHAL formwork consultants, and representatives of our trading partners. Over 60 trading partners, with some of which we have maintained partnerships for decades, are always at your service for any demand. Internationally, we have subsidiaries, foreign partners, and trading partners in many countries around the globe. Sales representatives (national and export) as well as the PASCHAL project team, all seasoned businesspeople and engineers, are always available to assist you with any queries. Our sales organization is unique. One of us will always be close to you.

Our logistics is your competitive advantage!

  • Would you like us to handle the transport of your formwork?
  • You would like to have your formwork delivered to the construction site ready for use?
  • Or pre-rounded to the correct radius?
  • Or numbered segments in the correct order of use?
  • With a pre-assembled, extendable platform?

Naturally we also conduct all required induction training for your staff. These sessions are conducted by our experienced formwork fitter. Our experienced tutoring team also offers additional training courses and seminars. Early integration of production, workflow preparation, and inventory control into your projects guarantees on time deliveries, even in large-scale projects.

Your project is our project. Contact us!

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